Pangaea Kingdom

Pangaea Kingdom

3D Builder MMORPG
We have embraced a new Game System that includes Play-to-Earn system.
Pangaea Kingdom Universe is a 3D Builder MMORPG built with unique dynamic elements of CNFTs and Game Design such as Lands, Origins, Optikards, Companions, Accessories, Resources, Battles, Dungeons, and Diplomacy. Our goal is to create an Interactive Play-for-Fun-and-Earn Concept. A blockchain game where gamers can team up with their friends and earn at the same time. The game is strongly inspired by a mixture of Clash of Clans, Age of Empire, and Diablo. Our CNFTs will be affordable which makes players not hesitate to join us.
Our Universe will cater a game where players can build their stronghold by constructing buildings and training units. Teaming up with friends. Participating in the PVE (Dungeons), Battles (PVP), and the Diplomacy.
The Pangaea kingdom has a World Map and is divided into Regions. Each region has a Lord Protector, the strongest commander or the strongest guild. Lords can not attack players within their regions unless a Contest is held to fight for the title (change rulers with Declaration of War). The Ruler of all regions is called the King of Pangaea Kingdom. Diplomacy is a game event feature for Commanders to take over a Plot of Land to become the Lord or King.
Sneek peak of the first development of the Game.